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Fokker, Peter
Princetonlaan 6, Postbox 80015, 3508 TA Utrecht, The Netherlands
peter [dot] fokker [at] tno [dot] nl

Dr. Peter A. Fokker is chief reservoir geomechanics scientist in the team “Petroleum Geosciences” of TNO, and he is visiting professor at the Politecnico di Torino in Italy (DIATI) in reservoir engineering, and at Utrecht University in the Netherlands in reservoir geomechanics. His research interests are related to the sustainable use of the subsurface in the field of reservoir engineering and reservoir geomechanics, with a key link to geology and remote sensing. More specifically, his interests focus on modelling: developing fast models for reservoir engineering and  linking these to reservoir simulation for productivity prediction and well testing, and developing fast geomechanical models to predict subsidence, fault reactivation, induced seismicity, and fracturing. For the incorporation of data or measurements, he works on inverse models and data assimilation. Example applications are found in petroleum engineering and geothermal operations. Fokker holds an MSc and a PhD in physics from the University of Utrecht and is Technical Editor of the SPE Reservoir Engineering and Evaluation journal. He is a member of the UNESCO Working Group on Land Subsidence.

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