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Carbognin, Laura
Member, Past-Chair
Castello 1364/a, 30122 Venezia, Italy

Laura Carbognin joined the staff of the ISDGM (now ISMAR) of CNR, i.e. the National Research Council of Italy in Venice, in 1970. Her research activities mainly concerned the understanding of natural and anthropogenic land subsidence in the Venice area and the Upper Adriatic coast, including monitoring by traditional and satellite methods, and associated environmental problems/processes, e.g. saltwater intrusion in coastal basins and  coastal erosion. The IAHS/UNESCO-IHP Working Group on Land Subsidence was formally established in 1974 and in 1977 she  was nominated as the Italian member, and remained active in its affairs ever since. It is worth remembering that the first WG (J.F. Poland, Chairman; G. Figueroa Vega, L. Carbognin, A.I. Johnson and S. Yamamoto) authored in 1984, after 5 years of work, the “benchmark” publication, Guidebook to studies of land subsidence due to ground-water withdrawal, 305 pp., Washington, D.C., USA. Laura has been member of the Organizing Committee and Scientific Advisory Board, speaker and main author of the papers presented at the many symposia on Land Subsidence, and particularly of all those international, UNESCO-sponsored held every five years, some of which she was not only chairman, but also editor and co-author of the resulting proceedings. In 1984, she was senior scientist at CNR and in 1997 she became research director until her retirement in 2010. Over the 40 years of research activity, she was involved in diverse scientific studies, which also included geomorphology, water pollution, coastal process, flooding and eustasy, and has been coordinator of many international and national research projects. By original statistical analysis on geo-stratigraphic data, for the first time the origin and evolution of the Venice Lagoon were described, along with the role played by both geological and man-induced subsidence throughout the evolutionary phases of the lagoon. Because of her innovating statistical approaches to environmental problems, she received international recognition in the book “Italian Contributors to the Methodology of Statistics”, 1987. In addition to her research career, she has dedicated herself to training young scientists specializing in land subsidence studies, teaching courses and organizing national and international schools, e.g. invited lecturer at the International Short Course on Land Subsidence organized by UNESCO and the Mexican government in Mexico City in September 1979; at the International Workshop on Current Problems and Future Developments in Mathematical Geology, organized by NATO/ASI at “Il Ciocco”, Italy, in 1986, and in 1993 she organized and lectured at the 2nd International Course on Coastal Zone Management, UNESCO-UNIDO, held in Venice, Italy. She was member of the Editorial Board, International Correspondent and referee for the international Journal Computer & Geosciences from 1986 to 1997 and from 1993 referee for Mathematical Geology until she resigned in 1997. Laura Carbognin was CNR representative and member of the IAHS/IUGG for twenty years, until her retirement. She was nominated national representative of Italy on the IAHS International Committee on Remote Sensing and Data Transmission for Hydrology. Nominated by the Ministry of the Environment of Italy she served as member of the Commission for the environmental impact assessment of land subsidence due to North Adriatic gas field exploitations and hydrocarbon extraction in the area of Crotone, Calabria Region. She has been member of the Scientific Councils of different CNR institutes and of the National Institute of Oceanography and Experimental Geophysics (OGS), Trieste, Italy; the CNR delegate to CO.Ri.LA (Consortium for coordination of research activities concerning the Venice lagoon system), which is an association of the Venice universities of Cà Foscari and IUAV, the University of Padua, Italy’s National Research Council and OGS, a Board of Directors member, scientific expert and member of its Technical and Scientific Committee. She is author and co-author of hundreds of publications in international journals, reports and conference proceedings.

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